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Revised Covid Guidance

UK Government Covid update

The Westminster Government has removed remaining Covid restrictions. There’s now no legal requirement on self isolation for those testing positive for Covid.

Free lateral flow test kits will not be available beyond 1st April, except for certain health professionals and those over 75.

Whilst the legal requirements are removed, the Government guidance still encourages self isolation for anyone testing positive – and the use of lateral flow tests to determine when that self isolation period should end.

Revised UK Government guidance is given here.

This change in status does not, however, impact on the general duties of care for both employers and employees. Members are encouraged to review their existing arrangements and requirements with those duties of care in mind; particularly in relation to expectations on employees being in workplaces if showing symptoms of Covid.

Members are reminded that the requirement for self-isolation for anyone testing positive remains in place for the time being in the rest of the UK.


Scottish Government Covid update

The Scottish First Minister has set out an indicative timescale for remaining legal protections to be lifted:

  • Vaccine certification will no longer be legally required from Monday 28 February.
  • Current legal requirements on use of face coverings and collection of customer details for contact tracing purposes – expected to be lifted on 21 March, subject to the state of the pandemic.
  • Access to lateral flow and PCR tests will continue to be free of charge, ahead of a detailed transition plan being published on the future of Scotland’s test and protect programme in March.
  • People who test positive for COVID-19 will continue to be asked to self-isolate to reduce the risk of infecting other people. Any changes to the recommended period of self-isolation will be considered on an ongoing basis.

Revised Scottish Government guidance can be found here

Members are advised to stick with current business guidance until there are further announcements ahead of 21 March.