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The BCA provides its members with a wide range of support and benefits, including:

Regulatory and legislative information

We provide our members with information about the trade, manufacture, distribution and consumption of coffee. There is a pre-competitive forum for discussion of all issues affecting the industry for any member who wishes to get involved and the BCA will act as an industry spokesperson on your behalf to ensure the future of our industry.

To ensure the coffee industry’s views are represented on all relevant legislative and technical issues we work with a number of partner organisations. Click here to see more information on our partners and network.

London arbitration service

Whilst also available to non-BCA members, the London arbitration service is discounted to BCA members. Arbitration and appeal facilities are available for resolving quality and technical disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner, with a London centre for those wishing to undertake arbitration under the ‘Arbitration Act 1996’. Click here for more information on our arbitration service.

Proactively engaging the media, Government and key stakeholders

We are the voice of the UK coffee industry and actively promote and defend all key issues associated with coffee in the UK. The BCA always maintains balanced and evidenced views that safeguard the sustainable future of coffee.

Alongside partners and other key stakeholders, the BCA openly engages with media, UK Government, and key stakeholders to provide credible information on topics including; sustainability, the circular economy, coffee and the UK economy, and technical and regulatory issues.

Additionally, we work closely with the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) who provide access to the latest scientific research on coffee and health. The overwhelming evidence demonstrates that coffee   contributes to a healthy, balanced diet and may even confer some health benefits.

We are here to promote the hugely innovative work of the UK coffee industry, and dispel any inaccurate and negative information that may affect it.

The British Coffee Association Network