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UK Borders 2025 – Single Trade Window

As part of the move to simplify import and export declarations – and as a wider part of the Ecosystem of Trust pilot that we mentioned at the end of January – the Government is looking to develop a single trade window approach to streamline trader interactions with border agencies.  The approach would offer greatest opportunity to trade in complex product areas, such as those requiring phytosanitary controls or higher risk products with enhanced customs requirements.  Nevertheless, the move will bring the UK into line with many other countries who have already developed, or are developing, a similar approach.



Government has a number of key questions it is asking of business:

  • What further scope is there for self-declaration of border data directly into a Single Trade Window
  • How would such a Window work alongside existing port & commercial systems
  • What further opportunities for data provision exist, for example supply chain data and interoperability

In the final question there are clearly benefits for Government in accessing more supply chain data, not least in better understanding the impacts of external factors (eg. pandemics).  Are there also benefits for industry in terms of using the systems to transfer due diligence data going forward?

If anyone is interested in learning more about the Government’s plans and associated questions please contact