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BCA Webinar: Is the case for carbon neutrality starting to stack up financially?

Coffee, like any other business sector, has its challenges when considering its impact on society and the climate. Coming into the coffee industry however, I have been taken aback at the level of work that is going on in both origin and consuming countries to focus on the various strands of sustainability, climate change and the carbon balance of coffee production.

Whilst Covid-19 is undoubtedly having an impact on timetable and short term resources, it is not diminishing the focus or the intent of businesses large and small to work towards redefining the coffee business in a positive way.

Increasingly this work is showing that not only is it the right thing to do from an ecologically sustainable point of view but from an economically sustainable stand point too. This view is being helped by a developing understanding of the role carbon financing can play in unlocking the financial benefits of moving towards a carbon neutral supply chain and what that might look like at various points along the coffee supply chain. The importance of the issue and its relevance going forward is the main reason it is the topic of the first in a series of BCA webinar, to be held on Tuesday 13th October at 1pm (BST).