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Does digitalising the supply chain offer opportunities for everyone?

Most commonly identified with IBM’s Blockchain technology, digital platforms have seen considerable interest over the past 2-3 years with a number now having been established commercially, including within the coffee sector.

The technology offers a range of potential opportunities for every part of the chain. The ability to streamline business to business information can not only reduce cost and improve timeliness of information transfer but also reduce duplication, mis information and errors in transmitting instructions or data.


For a coffee producer, access to such technologies, more and more through smartphone apps, can mean a better connection to the rest of the coffee chain, the ability to access agronomic and market data through which decision making can be improved but also an opportunity to communicate along the chain.


For a coffee consumer the increased transparency can help tell a coffee story.  To understand the provenance of the coffee they are consuming but also to engage more directly with maintaining the coffee supply in the years ahead through a sustainable chain.


So how successfully are these opportunities being realised in commercially operated chains.  The next free to join BCA webinar, to be held on Tuesday 8th December at 3pm (BST),  will hear about the delivery of these opportunities with speakers from outside the coffee chain – Covantis, as well as inside – Farmers Connect.


To watch the recorded webinar, click HERE