Meet the BCA team

British Coffee Association - Andrew Kerr

Chairman: Andrew Kerr

Andrew took on the position of BCA Chairman in March 2021, having previously served as the Association’s Vice Chair.

Having spent a lifetime in Soft Commodities as a Trader, Broker and Manager in both the Futures and physicals, Andrew set up a Specialist Commodity Recruitment Company, OCR Commodities, which now has become a leader in commodity recruiting. Covering Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar and Agriculture / Grains commodities the business deals with Origin / Exporters / Trade / Roasters / Industry / Financial services & Funds, and for all positions within those companies, from Logistics and shipping, to Administrators, Traders, Managing Directors and CEO’s.

British Coffee Association - Paul Rooke

Executive Director: Paul Rooke

Paul Rooke is our Executive Director and is responsible for managing and leading the Association, developing key relationships and representing the Association on policy, media, technical and sustainability issues.

An agricultural graduate, with a post-graduate qualification in law, Paul has 30 years’ experience in trade associations covering policy, technical and contractual issues.

From 2013-2019 has was the President of the EU trade body CELCAA, the European Liaison Committee for the Agricultural and Agri-food Trade. He is a former Chairman of DG Agri’s Civil Dialogue Group for International Aspects of Agriculture and served on both the EU’s High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Supply Chain and DG Trade’s Expert Group on EU Trade Agreements.

British Coffee Association - Tracy Brown

Secretariat: Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown is Secretariat of the British Coffee Association and has been with us since 2008. Tracy is the main contact for both the BCA’s Members and external contacts. She coordinates and organises Member networking events and training as well as running the administration of the Association.

Media & Public Affairs Manager: Thomas de Freitas

Thomas de Freitas is the Media & Public Affairs Manager at the British Coffee Association. He is responsible for the BCA’s communications output, our press office, and engagement with policy-makers.

Thomas joined us following five years working at the UK Parliament, managing communications, campaigns, and strategy for an MP. He brings a deep knowledge of parliamentary and public affairs issues to the BCA.